Hey, I’m painting again!

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banana painting

I’ve painted on and off over the last several months, but with zero consistency and zero accountability.

So, inspired by a book called Daily Painting, I did something insane and committed to a painting a day to help hone my skills.

I have a lot of things I want to make, but I can’t make them unless I really learn how to paint. That means learning how to use acrylics when I was trained in oils – and honestly that was so long ago, I should really stop saying “I was trained in oils.” It means trying to figure out how to mix colors when I am most comfortable working in black and white. It means figuring out how to represent things with shifts in color and tone instead of resorting to my drawing skills.

I love drawing. LOVE. IT. I’m good at it. But there are things I want to do beyond that, art I can see in my head, but I have to literally figure out how to do it. The magic happens outside your comfort zone and all that cheesy stuff.

My paintings are a hot mess at this point, but they’re mine! We’re painting!

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