Drawings from the 100 Day Project are for sale!

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News! I have officially listed many of my pieces from this year’s 100 Day Project for sale on my Instagram account. Just visit my story highlight to see which ones are available and send me a message to claim. If you’re not Instagrammy, shoot me an email and we’ll find the perfect piece for you. It’s been very exciting, and I’m so grateful for the people who have already purchased. Your support means the world to me!

I get what I guess you could call the opposite of trigger finger. Instead of jumping the gun before I’m ready, I go around and around until there’s no more “ready” to be. I research extensively. I make lists. I wring my hands. My mom always told me that if people waited until they were ready to have children, they’d never have children. Because you’re never ready (I have three and I’m still not ready?).

And that’s how it felt pulling the trigger on these listings. Am I ready to sell these? Am I set up to invoice and take payment? Do I have a grasp on my inventory? Do I have materials to ship?

And on a more personal front: Will anyone want them? Will people scoff at the stated price? Is my work, my time, my effort worth anything? Am *I* worthy of success?

Y’all. It’s a head trip.

But in the end I realized that yes, my work and my efforts are worth it. I deserve to give it a shot. Every step of this is a learning experience, and I’m not nearly as scared to put myself out there as I was even just a few months ago.

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