to sign or not to sign?

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When my dear friend Christina bought some artwork from me, she specifically requested that I sign it before delivering it to her.

“I usually sign it on the back!” I assured her. “The front seems to distracting to me.”

She made the request again. “Please sign it. For me.” So I did, because a) she is one of my favorite people, and b) well, she was paying for it.

I see many artists who sign their work in a way. that fits organically within the piece. Some are last names, some first names, initials, symbols. But when it comes to my own work, any kind of signature seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

What do you prefer as an artist?

What do you prefer as a collector?

Empty Stadium Seats
9×12 inch acrylic on canvas panel
(no signature…yet)

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